A crossdresser is not necessarily a feminine male …

I am contacted constantly by guys that like to wear panties or various forms of crossdressing that call themselves “femboys”. These people are not, in fact, femboys. Clothes don’t make you feminine. Behaviour, mannerisms, interests, etc. are what make a man feminine. You may wish to be feminine but that doesn’t make you feminine. The […]

The best place to find femboys!

The best place to find femboys isn’t on the paid dating sites or sex sites that litter the internet. Those sites are a waste of money unless your only goal is masturbate to pictures of pretty boys. Real connoisseurs of femboys will want a more rewarding experience and a better return on their investment. After […]

Hello world!

Welcome to the International Femboy Lovers Organization! The IFLO was formed in the year 1996 when a small group of experienced guys that loved femboys and ladyboys and sissies started a small discussion group dedicated to their enjoyment. As real world connoisseurs of feminine males, the members shared real world information for dating femboys/ladyboys/sissies and […]