Hello world!

Welcome to the International Femboy Lovers Organization! The IFLO was formed in the year 1996 when a small group of experienced guys that loved femboys and ladyboys and sissies started a small discussion group dedicated to their enjoyment. As real world connoisseurs of feminine males, the members shared real world information for dating femboys/ladyboys/sissies and provided a variety of advice and assistance to each other. The organization was formalized in 2000 and the first annual general meeting was held in Las Vegas.

Today, IFLO is exploring the possibility of helping more masculine males indulge in and enjoy their love for feminine males. This website is our first real activity beyond our discussion group and, despite a bunch of ideas, we’re still trying to find our way forward.

Currently, it looks like we will focus on this site as a blog and see where it takes us. I’m going to try and make at least a post a week to keep things moving.

Email comments are always welcome!



President & CEO